I was thrilled to give my talk "Happy Developers are Better Developers" to the first year conference RevolutionConf in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This was a really cool experience, and a great conference. The organizers were all amazing folks, and they curated a great lineup of speakers and attendees.

This is the only shot of my talk I have. Unfortunately it was not videoed, and I didn't get any other shots that I can find. I hope to get some photos from the event photographer later.

I did snag this photo of my time slot on the door to my room

To my surprise, by talk was standing room only and was a hit according to the organizers.

Thanks for letting me spread the word about optimizing productivity by keeping your workforce happy.

Virginia Beach is a beautiful location for a conference. It was a great getaway and I met some wonderful developers over the weekend.

Looking forward to next year's RevolutionConf in Virginia Beach, and you should too!