If you are a business owner, marketer, or salesperson for a company, you should know this truth: Nobody cares what you do.

Okay, maybe some people care. Like your spouse, or your parent, or your child. But even then, they probably don't really care what you do.

Your customers certainly don't care what you, or what your company does. They don't care about your product, your service, your R&D, your warranty, or your performance review.

All they care about is what you do does for them.

Your customer has needs, and you are not one of them

The people that love your product or service don't really love it, they love that it makes their lives better. Whatever you sell makes them happy, or wealthy, or popular, or confident. It it about how it alleviates their pain, turns a profit, or elevates their status.

This is not a condemnation of your customer. They are simply people, like yourself. They make buying decisions selfishly, as they should. Just like you do.

Think of the brands you love the most. It isn't what they do, or how they do it, or why they do what they do that makes you a fan. It is how their brand makes you feel, or how it helps your life, or makes you money, or benefits you in some way.

Your customers buy your product because it makes their lives better.

Talk about how you help your customer, not yourself

Chevrolet does not tell you how many teeth are in the gears that fill their transmissions. They don't talk about their unique process for putting the doors on a vehicle on the assembly line. Their commercials don't show the painstaking engineering time it takes to make the glove box work flawlessly.

The makers of Chevrolet trucks show you a truck pulling something heavy. It isn't about what the vehicle does, how it was made, and how hard they worked in making it. The message is about what their vehicle will do for you. Have something heavy to tow? Then you need a Chevy Truck.

When you are speaking to your customer, directly or though your marketing, be sure you are speaking to their pains, their wants, and their needs. If you are talking about yourself, your process, your values, or your competition, then you are not talking to your customer. They simply do not care.

Be Empathetic

A good marketer, business owner, or salesperson is empathetic to the needs of their prospects. They want to connect with their customer on an emotional level. They want the sale to make their customers feel good, and confident they purchased the right product or service that solves their problem.

Knowing what it is your customer wants, and then marketing that to them, is a helpful service. It helps new prospects learn about your company, and it helps you sell your wares. Being empathetic and curious will help you build a better widget and market it more effectively.

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