My son Michael and I were thrilled to present the latest version of our talk "Teaching Kids to Code by a 13-year-old" at JSConf EU in Berlin, Germany this summer. The conference was the largest language specific event I've ever attended.

Sharing this stage with my son is one of the best moments in my life.

You can see the JSConf EU writeup on the talk here.

The event was held in Arena Berlin, and included an incredible A/V setup on a huge stage.

Getting ready to go on stage.

On stage selfie while we were troubleshooting some audio issues with Michael's mic.

Image by @claudiopro

Michael behind the podium while I tell bad dad jokes.

Image by @clairedotw

Live coding a video game on a huge screen in front of a big audience is daunting. Michael did a great job delivering the talk, and even fixed a bug live without missing a beat.

Image by @KKoschland

Showing off Scratch 3.0 to a group of Javascript developers was a lot of fun. I hope we armed them with some tools to teach kids to valuable skill of coding.

The Conference

Ran in to Paul Irish, a man who inspired me to learn more about JS and explore conference talks many years ago.

We also ran into one of the co-organizers of JSConf Colombia, Liz Parody.

Art Display

One of the coolest parts of the conference was the display of portraits of women that have impacted STEM over history. It was a very powerful and beautiful display.


JSConf EU was an amazing experience. This is certainly one of the premier tech conferences in the world. It was a privilege to attend such a great event, and an honor to have shared the stage with so many wonderful speakers. Kudos to the organizing team for putting on one amazing conference. It was made even more special to share the stage with my son, and the entire experience with my wife.

Chrystina and Michael as we enjoy a post-talk meal across the river from the venue.