The Talk

I was honored to speak at JSConf Colombia this fall with my 13 year old son, Michael. We gave a talk titled "Teaching Kids to Code, by a 13-Year-Old".

The event organizers were all incredible. From hotel to emcees, they had everything flawlessly executed.

Michael was super excited to join me in this talk. Who am I kidding? I joined him :)

The venue, Ruta N Medellin, is a world class facility for technology education. I was very impressed with the facilities.

You can see the talk here:

Around Medellin

Medellin is a beautiful city that lives up to its tagline "the city of eternal spring". Gorgeous vistas greet every direction, and the beauty of the environment is only matched by the warmth of the people.

These views from the ride to the airport, and a rooftop lunch in the city, reveal just a glimpse at the unique beauty that is Medellin.

The food was refreshing. Fresh, not spicy, and flavorful.

Club Colmbia, the beer of Colombia.

Chicharrones at almost every meal. Pictured here with some empanadas.

Ceviche with banana chips

The fresh fruit selections were overwhelming.

Our hosts brought us to an amazing, small restaurant overlooking the city for dinner one evening.


The ancient game of Tejo is really cool. Our hosts took the entire group of speakers to play. They bury gunpowder in mud, and you toss rocks at the mud. Points are awarded when the gunpowder is hit and explodes. Apparently, drinking beer is a major part of playing this game correctly.

Michael getting ready to toss a stone at the pit.
Winner! Someone hit the gunpowder.
Setting the gunpowder packets (the pink triangles).


We loved Medellin. This was one of the best experiences to share with my son, and a truly world-class conference. I highly recommend attending this event.

Thank you again to the organizers and the wonderful Colombian people for making this the trip of a lifetime.