Today Grok Interactive, LLC officially opens our doors. For months we have been laying the foundation; creating the LLC, lawyers writing contracts, designers making logos, blogs being built. Today. Today it all goes live.

This is not our first launch. Our team has worked together before, like a band whose members always played with different sets. Today the old bandmates are back together, under a new roof.

We have built our careers by creating great web applications, and today we continue on that journey. Jason Ellis and myself founded this company to continue our legacy of producing revenue driving web applications, this time directly for clients.

I have been writing code my entire life. Grok may have opened her doors today, but the dream came alive for me in Flynn’s Arcade in 1982. I was seven then; within a few years I was crafting programs in BASIC and fighting for the user.

Today we still fight for the user and the dream is still alive.

NOTE: This post was originally published on the Grok Interactive blog