Advocare Drink Recipes and Mix-Ups

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Disclosure: My wife is a distributor for Advocare, a company that sells nutritional and performance products referenced in this blog post.

My wife and I have been avid users of Advocare since college, mainly purchasing Spark for over a decade before becoming a distributor of the product. We were not interested in Advocare for the multilevel marketing aspect, we simply loved Spark.

We finally became distributors when our family was constantly asking us for more Spark, and in doing so we found ourselves exploring the different product offerings. Over the years we have created some Frankenstein concoctions with various Advocare drink mixes, and a handful have been massive successes.

I cannot imagine summer without a Re-spark-hydrate, and a long day is best ended with a Hot SleepWorks Tea. Below are four of our favorite Advocare drink mix-ups.


As long time Spark users, we were not surprised when we found that Rehydrate really is a great drink, especially after working outside in the hot Texas summers. I personally enjoy a Rehydrate followed up by a few glasses of cold water, finding that it really alleviates fatigue. The morning after a taxing day, sometimes a Spark is not enough to recharge the batteries.

On those mornings, we make a Re-spark-hydrate. It is as simple as it sounds: grab your favorite Spark and Rehydrate cannisters, throw a scoop of each in a tall shaker cup, fill that puppy to the top with water, and enjoy. Be sure to follow with a shaker cup full of water, and you will be good to go.

Spark and OJ

Nothing starts off a productive day like a glass of orange juice. It is great tasting and great for us. Sometimes there is no time for Spark and OJ, so why not just put them together? Substitute OJ for the water and mix it up. Again, I do recommend following with at least 8oz of water immediately after, hydration is important.

Meal Replacement Chocolate and Banana Shake

Meal Replacement Shake + Water + Ice + Banana + Blender

This combination is a winner. I like to use the dark chocolate shake mix, a ripe banana, and a little less water than usual. The banana adds a lot of flavor and texture to the shake, and I like to throw in a little bit of ice to keep it cold. My wife prefers to omit the ice, and sometimes uses almond milk instead of water.

Hot SleepWorks Tea

After a long day it can take hours to wind down. We usually do not have any problems with sleep, but on the occasions that we do need help relaxing there is nothing better than a SleepWorks. The drink tastes okay in my opinion, not particularly good or bad, but it does not adequately prepare me for the drowsiness it will surely induce. My wife discovered that 1 part SleepWorks and 1 part hot water makes a great hot tea substitute that is guaranteed to do the job, and is very enjoyable to drink.

Do you have a favorite Advocare drink creation? Please share in the comments below.

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